Lock Keepers' Houses

For hundreds of years, lock and weir keepers have maintained water levels to ensure navigation at all times, including periods of drought, and to reduce the risk of flooding during heavy rain. Lock keepers and their families are part of the local community. Their well-tended houses and gardens are an attraction for residents and visitors alike. If the removal of the resident lock keepers had gone ahead, it would have altered the character and traditions of the river forever.

Resident lock-keepers play an important role in preventing flooding and balancing water levels. Weir gates often need to be operated at night and resident lock keepers can respond quickly in times of emergency. They are also able to assist boaters and other members of the public who get into difficulties.

 The Society, with the ‘Save our Service’ campaign organised by the lock keepers’ wives, presented an early day motion calling for the Environment Agency to reconsider its plans, This was backed by 73 Members of Parliament, received extensive cover in the local and national media, and was successful in persuading the Environment Agency to reverse its plans.

Theresa May MP with Campaigners


Martin Salter MP & Theresa May MP at Cookham Lock