Since 1962, the Society has helped look after the River Thames for its protection and promotion from the source to the sea.

By becoming a member, you can help the Society to be the voice of the whole river - your support will help us make a positive difference to the Thames,  both in your local area and in issues that affect the full length of our most important and historic river. 


Branches - the Society has five branches covering the whole of the river. Each branch provides a programme of social and informative events and members may take part in all activities, not just those of their 'home' branch.

Thames Guardian - our quarterly magazine which provides a unique insight into all the latest news and views about what is happening on the river.

River Wardens - Our volunteer wardens monitor the condition of the Thames in both the tidal and non tidal areas.  Members can join this scheme or take part in other conservation activities in their local area.

Life Memberships:  As announced at the 2012 AGM and subsequently in Thames Guardian  magazine, RTS is once again offering life memberships.  This was agreed to be a fitting development as the Society celebrated fifty years' work in promoting and protecting our beautiful river.  Please do consider taking out life membership next time you renew.

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