Thames Waterman Cutter

Our Thames Waterman Cutter, Thames Guardian was purchased as our Millennium project. It is one of a class of boats designed and built by Mark Edwards of Richmond to take part in the Great River Race and other traditional rowing events. 

The cutter is a 31ft fixed seat rowing boat whose design is based loosely on the old wherries, for many years the 'taxis' of London when the river was the main highway.
It is rowed either by six when in racing trim, or four when in ceremonial trim with the decorative awning in place.
Thames Guardian is moored at Richmond and regularly appears at  the Great River Race  and other ceremonial and racing events 

Roy Miller is Barge Master and is keen to hear from existing or new members who are interested in rowing in the cutter.

07599 273975 or

RTS Waterman's Cutter