Coronavirus Pandemic NEWS Updated on April 9th 2020

PLA asks for all recreational and leisure activities on the tidal Thames to be suspended.

Environment Agency has switched off power to all locks on the non-tidal Thames thereby aiming to stop all non-essential traffic.

RTS urges that these rules are followed - please stay at home.  

The Thames is one of the World's most fascinating and beautiful rivers. From source to sea its 215 miles flow from springs in Gloucestershire to the site of the old London Bridge, then on to the imposing tidal estuary to the east of London.

The river is a dynamic entity and there are many challenges that the River Thames Society - a registered charity founded in 1962 - currently seeks to address.  Over the past 50 years the Society has influenced and supported:

  • Construction of the Thames Barrier
  • Creation of the Thames Path
  • Foundation of the Thames Traditional Boat Rally
  • Removal of sewage from the tidal river
  • Retention of the historic lock-keepers' houses
  • Active River Wardens who watch out for issues that need intervention
  • Bondig Bank, a small nature reserve owned and managed by the Society
  • Representation on many and varied bodies with river interests
  • Exploring the Thames Wilderness -  a guide to the natural Thames.  

Other concerns still remain such as residential over-development which is leading to the loss of waterside boat yards and marine facilities, and the need to ensure that locks, navigational structures and flood control measures are maintained and improved. 

The River Thames Society's stated aims are to:

  • Protect the natural beauty of the river, adjacent lands and buildings of historic and architectural interest and to promote nature conservation.
  • Support and contribute to the efforts of other organisations with similar interest in the river.
  • Preserve and extend amenities and to encourage the use of the river for all purposes.

If you are inspired by the Society's aims and achievements and would like to help us to protect and promote the Thames by joining an organisation that represents the interests of all river users from source to sea, then please consider joining River Thames Society.

Click here for membership details.

River Thames Society is a registered charity, no 288380; and Company Limited by Guarantee, no 1747301.

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