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The River Thames Society makes annual awards of a Shield and the Durant Cup, named after our late President.

The Shield is given to an individual or group of individuals, organisation or corporate body, making the most significant contribution to the well- being of the River Thames during the calendar year.

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The Durant Cup is given to an individual RTS member who has made a significant contribution to the life and well-being of the Thames.Nominations may be sent to the RTS Administrator.  

RTS Awards 2022
The RTS Awards were presented by Lord Owen President of the River Thames Society.

RTS Shield 

In recognition of their significant contribution to the life and well-being of the river, particularly in developing boating skills and safety awareness, the Shield was awarded to the Maritime Volunteer Service

The Durant Cup

In recognition of his significant contribution to the life and well-being of the river together with his service to fellow-members of the Central Tideway & Estuary Branch, the Cup was awarded to Harry Frankland.

Grants in 2021 and 2022
During 2021/2, the River Thames Society made grants to:

  • Thames Sailability, Walton and Shepperton, £ 1,000 for a new access ramp for their boat.

  • RNLI Tower Station, £ 1,000 towards cost of replacement pier.

  • Skerries for Schools, £ 2,000 towards cost of a pontoon in Reading.
    Photograph shows the result of the funding.

  • River Thames Boat Project - £ 1,000 towards expenses for Tidefest trips and
    towards a new canopy

 RTS grants in 2022/3  went to :


  • River Thames Boat Project, £1,000 towards expenses incurred attending Tidefest and towards a replacement canopy.

  • Maritime Volunteer Service, Kingston, £ 5,000 , half the cost of a new boat.

  • Wild Marlow Water Vole Project, £ 500 for cost of one raft.

Grants made in 2024

  • Dartford Cambria Sea Scouts £595 for new boat covers

  • Marlow and District Schools Boathouse £4,500 towards the cost of a new slipway

    a list of previous winners of RTS Awards.

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Durrant Cup 2022re.jpg
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River Thames Society Awards

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