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Bondig Bank

Bondig Bank, a stretch of river bank lying on the west side of the Thames near Marlow, opposite the grounds of Bisham Abbey, is owned by the River Thames Society.

Named after the first known Saxon settler, it is marked at both ends by RTS signs and commemorative benches.

Originally, when Bondig Bank was managed by the monks at Bisham Abbey, this land was an osiery – a plantation of willows. The bushes between the river and the tow path would have been kept low, so that tow ropes were not hindered.  Osieries were important because willow branches were used for baskets, fish traps, fences and hurdles.

Bondig Bank was given to the River Thames Society in 1992 by Mrs Margaret Dickinson,whose family owned Bisham Abbey. The Society manages it as a small nature reserve. 

We are coppicing the willows to keep them compact.

Some of the cut branches have been bundled together to shelter hedgehogs, mice and other small animals.

The reeds on the river bank were planted to protect the bank from erosion. They have become a habitat for small birds like reed buntings and warblers.

A new path was installed during 2009 and the plan for the area on the land side of the path is to let the plants grow and die naturally. The nettles may not be attractive to us, but they are important for butterflies and they help to protect birds that nest in the hawthorn bushes.

There is a dead tree which is a haven for insects, which will attract more birds.

In October 2011, coppicing work was completed and at the same time, a new noticeboard was installed. Information on the noticeboard helps visitors to Bondig Bank understand the site and identify the flora and fauna they may see. It also provides information about the River Thames Society and its other conservation projects.

In 2019, Thames Path National Trails volunteers and RTS members planted a new hedge.

Branch Chairman's Update (June 2023)

Bondig Bank has again survived the  winter flood. The signage is good and the Simmons seat (pictured below) is looking most attractive. The life saving equipment is intact and in place. The Ormiston seat is showing its age but unfortunately an offer of a replacement came to nothing since the associated conditions were quite impossible. The plant growth is still largely nettle and cow parsley but there is a presence of flowers which we can hopefully encourage in coming years. .Commments from passers by, of which there are many, are very favourable.
Incidentally, a regular question is why we have not cut back the willow to give a   view of the river and Bisham Abbey. The reason for this seeming inaction is concern that an improved view will encourage picnics etc with resultant litter. Bondig has no litter problem at present which is as well since we have no litter collecting facility.


New Simmonds Seat at Bondig.jpg

We hope to replace the 'John Parton' seat in the near future.

Directions to Bondig Bank
Bondig Bank is located between Marlow and Temple Lock.
Use the public car park at Pound Lane, Marlow and after walking through the park, take the towpath heading west for about a mile, upstream across several small bridges over brooks until you reach the sign.

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