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July 18th 2024

The place to be in the next few days is Fawley Meadows, Henley for the Thames Traditional Boat Festival. The website has so much information.

July 17th 2024
EA logo.jpg

The Environment Agency has published an update on The Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme

July 16th 2024

The River Thames Society encourages all RTS Members, River Thames users and those living nearby to participate in the Clean Thames Challenge in September 2024.

July 15th 2024

The King's Swan Warden and his team can be spotted on the non-tidal River Thames this week between Sunbury and Abingdon. Picture was taken at Shepperton lock on Monday July 15th. 

July 10th 2024
240710 TTN.webp

A new edition of Tidal Thames News has been published by the Port of London Authority.

June 24th 2024

An article in the Summer issue of our magazine about the Emperor of Japan's interest in the Thames is attracting much attention.

June 24th 2024
240624 TTN.webp

Today the PLA has published a special edition of Tidal Thames News about the Thames Environment Fund.

June 23rd 2024

If you were on the Thames between Greenwich and Westminister yesterday, yiu may have seen the 45th Thames Barge Race organised by the Thames Barge Driving Trust and PLA.

June 19th 2024

The PLA has today published a new edition of Tidal Thames News.

June 12th 2024

Gravesend Lifeboat in action after vessels collide on the River Thames. Details and picture from the RNLI website

June 9th 2024
henley cncl.webp

Henley Council has 'no confidence' in Thames Water. Read article on BBC News website.

June 7th 2024

The UK Maritime Award for Sustainability features in the new edition of Tidal Thames News from the PLA.

May 29th 2024
teddington lockbridge.jpg

Dates for the temporary closure of Teddington Footbridges have been announced. Details are in this Teddington News article

May 27th 2024
lower thames.jpg

The Lower Thames Crossing DCO will be delayed by the General Election. Details in the National Highways news release.

May 24th 2024

Today the PLA published a new edition of Tidal Thames News.

May 16th 2024
mhesd sunk.jpg

Five sunken boats have been removed from the River Thames in Maidenhead. Picture and article from the Maidenhead Advertiser

May 15th 2024
henley hit.jpg

The roof was ripped off a 70ft barge in an encounter with Henley bridge across the River Thames today Monday May 15th. . Eye witness reports and video are included in this Henley Herald report. 

May 26th 2024

The Environment Agency does not respond correctly to Freedom of Information requests. Read details in this Guardian article

May 14th 2024
marlow lock.jpg

Staff cuts by the Environment Agency are being questioned along the River Thames after actions by a Marlow lock keeper saved a mans life. Bucks Free Press presents details.

May 14th 2024
bridge closed.webp

Funding issues are preventing work on at least two bridges across the River Thames in London. Details are in this BBC report.

May 14th 2024
rts flood.webp

The River Thames Scheme to reduce flooding from the River Thames in Surrey is currently unfunded. Planned housing developments cannot proceed. BBC research has presented a summary.

May 13th 2024
Wally bathing status

A stretch of the River Thames known as 'Wallingford Beach' has been designated as bathing water by Defra. Details have been published in this Walingford Herald article.

May 13th 2024

​A swimming race in the River Thames will not take place this year despite a hundred year history. Details in this BBC report.

May 8th 2024

The London Eye on the South Bank of the River Thames has been made a permanent fixture, 24 years after it opened. Details are in this BBC London report.

May 8th 2024

For 40 years the Thames Barrier has protected London. BBC News report has the details.

May 6th 2024
lock bbc.webp

 The number of seasonal lock keepers being recruited for the River Thames by the Environment Agency is being reduced. Details in this BBC News article

May 6th 2024
sllough boat.jpg

A Maidenhead man has been fined for unauthorised use of a boat on the River Thames. Picture and article from the Slough Observer.

April 30th 2024

National Historic Ships UK has announced its Flagships of the Year 2024. Details are in the announcement release.

April 29th 2024

Green light for new bridge over River Thames west of Oxford. Details are in this New Civil Enginerr article

April 28th 2024
RTS President.jpg

The River Thames Society has announced that Professor Robert Van de Noort CBE is its new President. Details are in this announcement.

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