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February 24th 2021

Residents in Buscot, Oxfordshire are objecting to riverside tree cutting requested by the Environment Agency and actioned by the National Trust. Details (and our picture) are in this article from the Wallingford Herald.

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February 24th 2021

Residents in Buscot, Oxfordshire are objecting to riverside tree cutting requested by the Environment Agency and actioned by the National Trust. Details (and our picture) are in this article from the Wallingford Herald.


February 24th 2021

A report by BBC London News indicates that a temporary ferry service,  to operate whilst Hammersmith Bridge is closed for repairs, will not be available until Summer 2021.

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February 21st 2021

A narrowboat on the River Thames in Oxford is a yoga studio with online students around the World. This Oxford Mail article gives all the details. 

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February 20th 2021

A seal that had swum up the Thames as far as Teddington has been successfully rescued. Details and pictures are in this Teddington Town report.

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February 20th 2021

An Environment Agency employee working at Shepperton Lock has died after being hit by a falling tree. The incident happened on Friday February 19th. More information is in this Surrey Live report

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February 18th 2021

And the winner of the Thames Lens 2020 competition organised by the Thames Festival Trust is....... This page contains winners and short-list entries.  

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February 17th 2021

A new edition of Tidal Thames News was published today by PLA.

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February 17th 2021

Organisers of the Henley Royal Regatta have announced that the event cannot be held in late June. In a statement published this week, they are hoping to reschedule to a date in August. A further announcement will be made by the end of March.

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February 15th 2021

Hammersmith Bridge on a Valentine's Card sent from the Hammersmith Bridge SOS Residents' Group to the Prime Minister and Mayor of London. Full details in this story from Sky News. The bridge has now been closed for 6 months.


February 12th 2021

The latest statement on progress of the Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce is now available
A planning application for a temporary ferry terminal at Harrods Wharf has been submitted to Richmond Council.



October 12th 2020

'Reimagining Butler's Wharf' is the title competition organised as part of the London Festival of Architecture. The six short-listed entrants may be viewed on the LFA website in a virtual exhibition.

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October 7th 2020

The Port of London Authority today published a new edition of its newsletter Tidal Thames News.


October 7th 2020

The UK Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has confirmed the continued protection of strategic sites for port use on the banks of the Thames in London. Read the full announcement.


October 8th 2020

An update on progress of the Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce is now published.


September 28th 2020

Today DHL Express commenced its daily riverboat parcel delivery service in London. The service, operated by Thames Clippers Logistics, enables DHL to transport small packages into central London for final mile delivery by bike.  More information is in the DHL Press Release

DHL Express riverboat on river with St P

September 24th 2020

The Port of London Authority has published its six monthly Marine Safety Performance Report.


September 23rd 2020

The Environment Agency has announced a £5.2m investment plan for facilities on the River Thames this autumn and winter.


September 18th 2020

Today, the Mayor of London confirmed that the traditional New Year's Eve fireworks on River Thames would not take place in 2020 due to the pandemic. Here is a BBC report.


September 18th 2020

Daily Mail article reveals state of repair of a number of London bridges.


September 16th 2020

Today, the PLA launched a new website Cleaning The Thames to encourage more litter removal across the foreshore.


September 14th 2020

With the full annual Veterans Cruise cancelled for 2020,  the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships organised for a small flotilla to travel down river on Sunday 13th from Chertsey to Kingston. The ADLS Facebook page has pictures.


September 13th 2020

Tidefest was held on September 6th under social distance conditions with only a few live events. Here are some pictures by photographer Anna Kunst. ''tidefest' is the password to the gallery.


September 12th 2020

The PLA has successfully organised 'safe passage' in both directions for boats caught out of position after the sudden closure of Hammersmith Bridge. Craft have been able to pass under the bridge in a convoy system. The river continues to be closed at Hammersmith Bridge.


September 9th 2020

A government Task Force has been launched to re-open Hammersmith Bridge as soon as possible.  Details are in this Daily Mail article.  Statements were made today by both the PLA and Hammersmith & Fulham Council.  Plans are being prepared for a 'safe passage' convoy to allow boats to be re-patriated to their normal location. No details yet.


September 9th 2020

The River & Rowing Museum at Henley-on-Thames is now fully open. It is operating a pre-booking system to manage visitor numbers.



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November 25th 2021

National Historic Ships UK held its Awards 2021 Ceremony earlier this week.

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November 24th 2021

A new edition of Tidal Thames News has been published by the Port of London Authority.

November 18th 2021

The Environment Agency and Ofwat, the water regulator, have announced a major investigation into sewage treatment works. Details are in this press release.

November 15th 2021

'London's Bridges falling down' is the headline about a new report published on the Mayor of London's website.  

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November 12th 2021

Once biologically dead, the River Thames now features more than any other in Europe on Instagram. Explore behind the headline in this article from the Times.

zsl on thames.jpg
November 10th 2021

The Zoological Society of London has published a new report presenting a health check on the River Thames - the first in 60 years.  

illuminn bridge.webp
November 5th 2021

Uber Boat by Thames Clippers are operating late evening tours of all 9 London Illuminated River bridges. Details and booking information are in this announcement,

November 4th 2021

Thames Water and Tideway, the company building London’s new ‘super sewer’, have joined forces to fund environmental charity Thames21 to encourage more communities to tackle plastic pollution in the River Thames over the next three years. More information is in this announcement.

October 30th 2021

The Queen Elizabeth Bridge over the River Thames at Dartford was opened 30 years ago. More information from Highways England. 

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October 29th 2021

London's Custom House on the bank of the River Thames in the City of London is steeped in maritime history. An article in The Times reveals how it could become a 200 bedroom hotel.

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October 28th 2021

There's a new power transformer on Pharaoh's Island in the River Thames at Shepperton. The story of the installation is reported in this article from Surrey Live.

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October 27th 2021

'Trouble in the Thames?' is the headline of a new report following this year's Waterblitz survey. Read the report here.