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February 26th 2024

Today The Rivers Trust has published a report The State of Our Rivers. It covers the whole of the UK.

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February 20th 2024

Residents are angry about the continuing closure of Marsh Bridge. Details in this Henley Standard article.

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February 19th 2024

A Henley charity that provides river trips for disabled people is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Details are in this Henley Standard article.

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February 16th 2024

Today a new edition of Tidal Thames News has been published by the Port of London Authority.

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February 14th 2024

In London, Hammersmith Bridge has temporarily re-opened to cyclists, cargo bikes and e-scooters. Details are on the Council website. River traffic may continue 

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February 5th 2024

A period of public consultation about a proposed flood alleviation scheme will continue until March 4th. The scheme website has details

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January 31st 2024

The Port of London Authority has published a new edition of Tidal Thames News.

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January 30th 2024

The Port of London Authority has announced details of seven environmental projects that it will be funding. Details are in the announcement.

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January 26th 2024

River users and residents are invited to participate in a 6 week consultation until early March The River Thames Scheme website has details.

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January 16th 2024

Today the Port of London Authority published a new edition of Tidal Thames News.

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January 15th 2024

The Environment Agency has updated its Winter Investment Plan. It has not yet confirmed dates for re-opening Chertsey lock 

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January 8th 2024
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January 7th 2024

Party boat lost in River Thames. Article from The Independent

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January 6th 2024

Tower Lifeboat Station (one of four on River Thames) had carried out 10,000 service calls. The story is in this RNLI article.

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