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Chairman:            Hilary Pereira

                             020 8892 5086



Hon Secretary:    Pat Speight

                             020 8948 0643


The Upper Tideway branch has a limited social programme of talks, walks and picnics, some together with other local groups.

We have a presence at various annual events, such as Tidefest, the Great River Race and Richmond Fair, and currently host the RTS cutter alongside a vintage craft just below Richmond bridge. With other local groups, we engage with the Thames Landscape Strategy, supporting and enhancing on our special local Arcadia.

We have an interest in planning matters, trying to preserve what is best about the river, and are ever watchful for applications, including any new non-mobile houseboats, that appear to encroach on precious river space.

The river authority for us is the Port of London Authority and in coming months we expect to respond to plans from them for changing the legislation under which they operate.

We are a small branch in terms of the length of the river we cover, but hope we punch above our weight, for example in relation to policy matters.

Current Activities (December 2021)
A goodly number of Upper Tideway members braved the covid threats and had a welcome evening in the pub in mid December 2021. To them and all others, Season's Greetings.
If all the merriment gets rather too much, and for those looking for some quiet time out, there's always the 341 pages of draft Richmond plan to go through (find it on the LBRuT website). The final version will set the scene for development and planning issues in coming years, and has much to say about the river, in a Borough that claims long sections of both banks. The RTS will be commenting, so if you would like to influence what we say, please email hilary.pickles@doctors.org.uk by mid January 22.

Season's Greetings

Upper Tideway Branch