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Members of The River Thames Society are dedicated to protecting and preserving the natural beauty of the River Thames.


The Thames is one of the World's most fascinating and beautiful rivers. From source to sea, its 215 miles flow from springs in Gloucestershire through rural and developed areas to London and on to the imposing tidal estuary into the North Sea.


If you are inspired by the Society's aims and achievements and would like to help us to protect and promote the Thames, please become a River Thames Society member and join us as we continue our quest to preserve and develop the River Thames.

Important Navigational Information (last updated on Monday November 29th)

Tidal Thames (Port of London Authority)

- RTS has summarised its position and hopes about Hammersmith Bridge in this paper updated in October 2021.

-This notice includes details of various river closures in the next 6 months.

Non-Tidal Thames (Environment Agency)
- For the latest information on river and lock status, please check the information page from the Environment Agency.

- Current and future restrictions and closures from the Environment Agency (list regularlyupdated).

- On November 5th, the Environment Agency updated the 2021-2 Investment Programme involving lock closures during the winter period. Dates for many closures are now confirmed.


Almost every day, there is news about the River Thames. Here are some recent headlines.
There are more items on our News page.


November 15th 2021

'London's Bridges - Falling Down' - a new report from the Mayor of London.

211124 TTN.jpg

November 24th 2021

A new edition of Tidal Thames News has been published.

zsl on thames.jpg

November 10th 2021

New report on the River Thames published by Zoological Society.

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River Thames Society Members have contributed descriptions and pictures of the River Thames from source to sea.

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